About Me

I'm a physicist working in private R&D, developing bio-inspired propulsion and energy harvesting products at Pliant Energy Systems, LLC. We're located at Brooklyn Navy Yard

I did my undergraduate work in Physics from Clarkson University, and my Ph.D. in Physics at University of Maryland. I was a crucial part of the small team at Maryland that designed and built the Three Meter Geodynamo experiment.  That's me with the experiment in the header. At UMD I studied fluid flows with rapid rotation and magnetic forces, and I'm interested in the large-scale behavior of turbulent flows with added body forces, like atmospheric, oceanic, and magnetohydrodynamic flows.

In addition, I have ample experience with the design engineering and construction of machines and structures, thermal systems, plumbing, electrical and electronic systems, and control systems and software. 

I'm always looking to combine my knowledge of fluids and nonlinear systems with my engineering, materials, and electronics knowlege to help address pressing problems in energy, environment, and healthy growth of our world's population and our productive activities.

I'm also a musician and amateur radio operator (though not really active in ham radio since moving to NYC). I'm interested in promoting creative science and engineering as productive elements of a hobby pursuit. To that end, one of the things I hope to do is to publish open hardware designs for "citizen science" projects. I have a particular interest and skill in instrumentation development for new measurements and low-cost instrumentation.  I want to help encourage and enable meaningful scientific work in public collaborations, and I think there's a lot of promise in participating in good experimental science as part of the rapidly growing and evolving maker/hardware hacker community.