Raspberry Pi SD Card Hack

I like my Raspberry Pi but don't like the protruding SD card. I did some violence to one of these Transcend 8GB cards and improved the situation substantially.


Few bucks from Amazon, Loaded with Occidentalis 0.2.

I looked at this relative monstrosity and at the micro SD on the dead Droid on my desk and realized something. There's probably nothing in there. Bingo.

xray_sm.jpgNot much inside.

 I marked it so a couple millimeters would stick out of one of my SD card readers and took scissors to it.

RPi_bottom_sm.jpgMuch better.

I stuck the sticker back over the cut end as a dust cover. As a bonus, the Pi with WiFi dongle will now fits in a small Otterbox along with a 2Ah LiPo and boost regulator/charger from Sparkfun.


Nice fit, totally waterproof.

It's a small and extremely literal hack, but I haven't seen it elsewhere, so I might as well put it here.