Standing Desk


Cantilever standing desk.

In the acknowledgements of his Ph.D. dissertation, my friend Doug Kelley described our group aptly as a bunch of "bricolage-cowboy-scientists." Designing something useful from what's at hand is pretty easy in a heavily mechanical academic lab... and it's pretty easy in my house too.

This is the bricolage standing desk that I built while I was waiting at home for UPS to deliver my new laptop. The tripod is a speaker stand that I don't use much as a speaker stand.


Top detail.

The desktop is an old shelf with a 1.5 inch hole holesawed with plenty of space on one side for my laptop. The rigid support struts are fiberglass rod I bought for an antenna project. They're attached to the top of the speaker stand using a clamp on water bottle mount. The rods fit in to pockets I drilled in the desktop and into molded recesses in the clamp, and are held in place there by a strip of thick black nylon. 

The bottom side of the hole in the desktop has a slot for the steel pin that goes through holes in the top post of the stand. It's intended to bear the weight of a heavy speaker, but I'm using it to keep the desktop from swiveling around the post. The tripod lets me adjust the height of the standing desk to a comfortable height. It would also let me adjust it to a stupidly tall height if I decided to bring stilts into the mix or something.


Dual monitor arrangement using bike repair stand.

I have a bike repair stand which is a useful object that is going to spend most of its time uselessly sitting in a corner. I have another ASUS LCD monitor from a computer I barely use. So I built a bracket to put them together.

adapter_sm.jpgAdapter bracket, VESA 100mm x 100mm to a tube.

It's a simple arrangement with a scrap plate drilled for the VESA standard 100mm square pattern on the back of the monitor (held with four M4 metric screws). The plate is drilled for a pair of 1/4"-20 bolts that stand it off about an inch from a round stainless steel tube.  The bike repair stand securely holds the tube and lets me adjust the tilt of the monitor.