Structural Analysis, 3D Modeling, etc.

This is a page collecting a few engineering and drawing stubs... things I worked on for educational purposes or in pursuit of something we didn't end up doing with the three meter experiment.

These days I'm an expert Solidworks user and have a decent familiarity with Abaqus FEA.

bridgestress_224klb_pointload_thresholded.pngMotor bridge 224klb static load.

The first few ALGOR stress and vibration models here were from a project to decouple the electric motors from the main sphere suppoort frame. This was a misguided constraint from an early design that showed troublesome low frequency modes with the pair of one ton motors on an older design of the experiment frame. After I did this design and it proved too heavy and costly, I went back and redesigned the frame roof and motor mounts to fix the original problem. Above is a static stress analysis.


Motor bridge vibration, damped and driven on resonance with motor imbalance.

I performed modal analyses on this bridge but also did some vibrational stress analyses at the resonances assuming reasonable damping rates.

shaketest_base_20p85Hz_bridge.pngMotor bridge base acceleration on another resonance.

In the end, this idea was rejected and we just put the motors back on the frame, but it was a good education in certain aspects of trying to design large structures that don't have resonances in the 0-10Hz frequency band. 

The beam/truss and 2D stress and vibration analysis that I performed at UMD all used a very old, largely-DOS-based version of ALGOR because that's what we had acceses to in the lab. (now Autodesk Simulation). This software was adequate for the tasks at hand, and more recently my work has been dominated by scientific and instrumentation work, not mechanical engineering.

Since joining Pliant I've had access to modern tools and I've become a Solidworks expert and have a good working familiarity with Abaqus FEA software.