Some scientific publications:

  • Zimmerman, D.S., Triana, S.A., Nataf, H-C., and Lathrop, D.P.
    A turbulent, high magnetic Reynolds number experimental model of Earth's core
    Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth (2014) 
  • Triana, S.A., Zimmerman, D.S., Nataf, H-C., Thorette, Aurelien, Lekic, Vedran and Lathrop, D.P
    Helioseismology in a bottle: Modal acoustic velocimetry.
    New Journal of Physics (Submitted)
  • Rieutord, M., Triana, S.A., Zimmerman, D.S., and Lathrop, D.P.
    Excitation of inertial modes in an experimental spherical Couette flow
    Physical Review E (2012) -- arXiv
  • Triana, S.A., Zimmerman, D.S., and Lathrop, D.P.
    Precessional states in a laboratory model of the earth’s core.
    Journal of Geophysical Research (2012)
  • Zimmerman, D.S., Triana, S.A., and Lathrop, D.P.
    Bi-stability in turbulent, rotating spherical Couette flow
    Physics of Fluids (2011) -- arXiv
  • Matsui, H., Adams, M., Kelley, D.H., Triana, S.A., Zimmerman, D.S., Buffet, B.A., and Lathrop, D.P.
    Numerical and experimental investigation of shear-driven inertial oscillations in an Earth-like geometry
    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (2011) -- PDF
  • Zimmerman, D.S.
    Turbulent Shear Flow in a Rapidly Rotating Spherical Annulus
    Ph.D. Thesis, University of Maryland (2010) -- PDF

Some posters and talks:

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